Ithaca   Transgender   Group

About The Ithaca Transgender Group

The Ithaca Transgender Group is a confidential, peer-led support group. We  welcome anyone identifying somewhere under the transgender umbrella.

We meet on a bi-weekly basis from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. Contact Us for more information about specific dates and locations.

Occasionally, we invite significant others, friends, family, and allies (SOFFAs) to attend meetings. The format is the same and we announce those meetings well in advance.
We'll ask you to introduce yourself and let everyone know which gender pronouns you'd like people to use  when they refer to you.

Then, if you're comfortable with it, share what's going on in your life that's gender-related.

Other folks may offer advice or suggestions based on their experiences. Sometimes, people just listen...

Our policy is that what's said at the meeting stays at the meeting. Please respect that.
We're located in Ithaca, NY, an LGBT-friendly community with many agencies and support groups that serve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and gender-queer individuals.

Ithaca is also home to Cornell University and Ithaca College which are often considered to be among the best colleges in America. Cornell and I.C. both offer on-campus support and outreach for their LGBTQ students.

We welcome both community members and students at our meetings, regardless of where you live or go to school. 

There is no cost or membership fee to attend or be a part of the Ithaca Transgender Group, and no obligation to continue attending, after you've joined us for the first time. Come when you can or when you feel you need to.

In addition to our bi-weekly meetings, we also hold occasional clothing swaps, dinner nights at local restaurants, and other activities that group participants may suggest. 

Please Note: The Ithaca Transgender Group is a peer-led group. Any advice,
suggestions, or reccomendations given by group members should not be substituted for services or counsel  provided by a certified professional.

If you have a serious medical, legal, or mental health issue or crisis, please consult a qualified and certified professional in that field. 

Visit our  Resources Page for a list of local service providers and qualified professionals who serve the LGBT community.